Schulinternes Curriculum für Geschichte - bilingual

year / term   topics 
 upper intermediate level
8 The American Revolution
The settlement of America
Causes of the American Revolution
The Declaration of Independence
The Civil War

The French Revolution and its consequences for Germany
The French Revolution
The Reign of Terror (Robespierre)
The rise and fall
of Napoleon Bonaparte

The Industrial Revolution and the beginning of socialism and communism
The Industrial Revolution in England
The Industrial Revolution in Germany
The beginning of socialism and communism

World War I (origins, course, consequences)
Weimar Republic and the rise of the Nazis
Nazi Germany and the road to war
World War II (origins, course, consequences)
Germany after 1945/Europe after 1945: the Cold War era

Fall of the Berlin Wall 
Current problems of world history
advanced level
10/1 Human Rights – a universal norm for men and women?
The evolution of human rights and their relevance –
Equal rights not only for men and women

Milestones: Magna Charta
Bill of Rights
Declaration of Independence
Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
10/2 The Industrial Revolution – simply a change of time?
(agricultural, technological revolution, …)
(focus: the Industrial Revolution in the Ruhr area)
 period of qualification
11/1 The long 19th century
Nation and nationalism in Europe
   origins/causes, ideas, problems, development
   significance of the Napoleonic wars
   Freedom and Unity – German Revolution 1848/49
11/2   The Unification of Germany (1871)
The second Industrial Revolution
Imperialism (1880 – 1914)

The short 20th century
World War I (causes/origins and outbreak)
  WWI – the first modern war
The significance of 1917
The end of WWI and political changes in Germany
Peace Treaties (Treaty of Versailles)

Collapse of the Weimar Republic
British-German relationships (1919 – 1939)

The Nazi dictatorship
   origins of the Nazi Regime – political and ideological foundations
   Nazi Germany

   Foreign policy
World War II
   Major events
   Shoa or Holocaust?
12/2 Germany and Europe after 1945
   Division of Europe and Germany (1945 – 1955)
   The German Basic Law and the Origins of the Federal Republic of Germany
  Relationship: East Europe and the World
The significance of 1989
   Collapse of the Soviet Union
   Reunification of Germany
In der Qualifikationsphase kann es zu Abweichungen kommen.
Diese sind abhängig von den Vorgaben der Bezirksregierung für den jeweiligen Abiturjahrgang.